I take on commissions as my schedule allows. I do two kinds of pencil commissions.

A sketchbook commission is a sketch done on 9x12 sketchbook paper. They go for $30 for a single figure sketch, $40 for a two figure sketch. I can ink it with a Sharpie for an additional $30.

The other kind of commission is finished pencils on regular comic paper (the same paper I draw on professionally). That paper is about 11x17 and the image area is about 10x15. A single figure drawing is $100, $150 with background. Two figure: $150, $200 with background. Most everything else is a full commission at $200. If it's a very complicated drawing or one with a lot of characters, I would have to quote you a price. I can ink these commissions as well. Figure it adds again the cost of the pencils.

There is a $10 shipping charge for sketches and $15 for comic paper commissions. I'd have to calculate shipping for outside of the USA, but it’s typically $50.

I ship by insured, Priority Mail. The comic paper commissions generally have two workup sketches. A thumbnail to show you the idea and a layout sketch I use for positioning and proportion. You get both of these drawings too.

You can see samples of different commissions below.

To arrange a commission, e-mail
Commissions are shipped signed, insured and sturdily packaged.
Commissions may be arranged by check, money order or with credit card through PayPal;
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Single Figure Sketchbook Commission

Single Figure Sketchbook Commission, Sharpie Inks

Two Figure Pencil Commission

Full Pencil Commission

Inked Full Commission

Inked Cover Recreation