Lobo The Duck Pencils

Lobo The Duck Pencils.

Lobo the Duck was my entry into the DC and Marvel Comics
company crossover AMALGAM line. These books featured mashups
of characters from each publisher. Superboy was crossed with
Spider-Man to make Spider-Boy, Batman with Wolverine to make
Dark Claw, and in my case, Lobo with Howard the Duck. An
inspired mix to say the least. It is one of my very favorite
projects from my career.

Readers rarely get to see pencil art and I'm really proud of
these. This was a dense story, but it's clearly drawn and
full of sight gags. The way Impossible Dawg pops in and out
of scenes is very funny. The whole concept for the story is
hysterical. The mashups between the side characters are truly
inspired. It's not hard to tell I grew up on a steady diet
Uncles Scooge comics and Bug Bunny cartoons

It's a shame we can't see more of this character.